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Presentations - Sensitisation Workshop for Nodal Officers (Disaster Management) in all Ministries/Departments of the Central Government (10th-11th October, 2019)

S.No.TopicsSpeaker, Organisation
(1) History of Disasters, Disaster Management in India and Need for Convergence (10.10.2019)"  Dr. Anita Bhatnagar, Government of UP
(2) Institutional Arrangements in Disaster Risk Reduction in India (10.10.2019)  Prof V K Sharma, IIPA
(3) National Disaster Management Plan (10.10.2019)  Dr. Pavan Kumar Singh, NDMA
(4) DM Plans for Ministries/Departments, State Disaster Management Plan (SDMP) and District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP), [10.10.2019]  Sh. Anuj Tiwari, NDMA
(5) Early Warning & Situational Awareness during Hazard Events (10.10.2019)  Dr. M Mohapatra, IMD
(6) Conduct of HADR Operations (10.10.2019)  Brig. Kuldeep Singh (Retd.), NDMA
(7) Preparedness and Capacity Building (10.10.2019)  Lt. Col. Rahul Devrani, NDMA
(8) Capacity Building through Mock Exercises & Incident Response System (10.10.2019)  Gen. V.K. Naik (Retd.), NDMA
(9) International Response and Relief (10.10.2019)  Arjun Katoch, NDMA
(10) Lessons learnt from Fani Cyclone, 2019 (10.10.2019)  Prof Santosh Kumar, NIDM
(11) Lessons learnt from Indonesia Tsunami, 2018 (10.10.2019)  Shekhar Chaturvedi, NIDM
(12) Lessons learnt from Kerala Floods, 2018 (10.10.2019)  Dr. Ajinder Walia, NIDM
(13) Risk Assessment (11.10.2019)  Dr. Surya Prakash, NIDM
(14) Strengthening Disaster “Risk Governance” through “Resilient Infrastructure” and “Mainstreaming of DRR into Sectors” – Incorporation of Techno-legal and Techno-financial rules and regulations into Plans of Ministries/Departments (11.10.2019)  Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta, NIDM
(15) Spatial Planning for Building Resilient Cities: Approaches & Strategies (11.10.2019)  Chandrani Bandyopadhyay, NIDM
(16) Sectoral Mitigation Measures (11.10.2019)  Deepak Singh, World Bank
(17) National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP), [11.10.2019]  Sanjay Kr. Sharma, NDMA
(18) Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis/ Community Based Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (11.10.2019)  Lt. Col. Rahul Devrani, NDMA
(19) National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) and State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF), (11.10.2019)  Suresh Kumar, MHA
(20) Disaster Financing (11.10.2019)  Prof Santosh Kumar, NIDM