SITREP-I ( Arabian Sea )
1000 Hrs 26.12.04

Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs

Subject:           Tidal wave in  Andaman & Nicobar Islands etc. -26th December,2004

According to the India Meteorological Department, there was an  earthquake at 0629 hours on 26th December,2004 with magnitude of 8.0 at Richter scale off west coast of Sumatra Island Indonesia) and the impact has been felt in South India.

After receiving the information, Ministry of Home Affairs is coordinating the rescue and relief efforts and are in constant touch with Islands and the concerned States.

A& N Islands

As per information received from Resident Commissioner, A& N Islands , New Delhi , mild earthquake struck at 0635 hours today both in Andaman & Nicobar districts. The P& T lines are not functioning in the A& N Islands . South of Andman & Nicobar islands have been badly affected, which includes two major Islands viz. Car Nicobar and Great Nicobar.  The Islands are inundated extensively. The Air base in Car Nicobar is also affected.  Navy has informed that their Jetties have also been affected. There are reports of 18 deaths so far. The causalities are likely to go up.  The LG, Chief Secretary, IGP and Member of Parliament and other senior officers are visiting the affected areas in the Islands .

-         Navy and Coast Guards have been alerted to assist the Civil Administration in A& N Island . Sea    is very rough and they are unable to ship in the area..

-         Air Force has also been alerted to assist the  A& N Administration. Two AN 32 aircarft have taken off from Tambram (Chennai)  for recee.   More details about the situation will be available after the completion of recee.   .

-         One DONEAR Air craft has taken off for Port Blair for recee.   .

-         Two Search & Rescue Teams of the Ministry of Home Affairs based at Chandigarh and Hyderabad have been asked to be in readiness to be flown to A&N Islands at short notice,  if needed.

-         Satellite phones are being arranged for A& N Islands .

-         DG, Military Operation has established link  with military base in A&N Islands

-         The IDS HQs  are coordinating MOD efforts.

-         The Islands will require assistance of foodgrains and medicines.

Andhra Pradesh:

The Relief Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh has reported mild tremors in the coastal areas. There have been reports of  Tsunamis( tidal) waves in the coastal areas.  There are reports of 9 death in Krishna district, 7 in Parkasham and 2 in West Godavari . The State Government has already initiated relief, rescue and evacuation measures.

Tamil Nadu

The Relief Commissioner, Tamil Nadu informed that slight tremors were felt in Chennai. Tsunamis (tidal ) waves, have also hit the coastal areas of the State. 11 death s have already been reported. Cuddolore district has been worst affected , where PTI has reported about 50 deaths In Tamil Nadu also. All the District Magistrates of the Coastal districts have been advised immediately undertaking relief, rescue and evacuation operations. The water is reported have entered Kalapakam Atomic Power Plant and the Army has  already been advised to assist for draining out the water.


 In Pondicherry also there has been damage to fishermen hemlets. Police and fire services have been pressed into service. 30 deaths from Karaikal and 20 from Pondicherry have been reported. One bridge connecting  Karaikal with Tamil Nadu has been completely damaged.   Further details are awaited.


The Relief Commissioner informed that tremors were felt in Cuttack   and Bhubneshwar. However, there are no report of any Tsunamis waves so far.

West Bengal

The Relief Commissioner informed that some tremors were felt in the coastal areas  but there is no report of damage or Tsunamis waves.  The Ministry of Home Affairs have already advised the Coastal States to be on constant vigil and  have been requested to take necessary assistance from Army, Navy and Coast Guards, if needed and instruct all the concerned District Collectors of the coastal areas to take rescue, relief and evacuation operations.

    Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka has also requested for Naval assistance to take their ships to Indian Coast . About 150 people are reported to have been died in Sri  Lanka . The  Ministry of External Affairs has cleared the assistane.  Navy is assisting the Government of Sri Lanka for evacuation of fishermen and  ships.


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